6cyclemind and Sony Music PH ink covers project

Listen to Bianca’s 2020 version of “Biglaan”

In an effort to show appreciation to the fans who have been through their musical journey,
6cyclemind recently teamed up with Sony Music Philippines for Sige I-Cover Mo Lang Project.
The initiative, which was supposed to be an independent project, encouraged fans to submit
covers of their favorite songs from the band’s catalog.

“Throughout our career, we have been touring different parts of the country,” vocalist Tutti
Caringal said. “We are lucky to witness how our audience, even from far-flung areas, sing our
songs with us. This is indeed a very magical feeling. Online, we can also view our fans cover
our songs. This makes us feel that, somehow, through our music, we have touched their lives.
This is the reason why we have decided to do this project.”

With the number one singles, best-selling albums, and sold-out shows, 6cyclemind continues to
gain a foothold in the local music industry. Their latest project is a testament to their growing and
respectable discography, a proof of their legacy as a band known for their heartfelt and rousing

Fan involvement

The five-piece pop-rock act did not set some specific criteria for the fan submissions and
accepted all entries—whether phone recordings, changed tempo or genre.

6cyclemind lead guitarist Herbert Hernandez added, “We gave them the freedom to interpret the
song of their choice. While screening the entries, we followed our gut feel and looked for the
cover that will move us. There were many entries that we really liked. It was difficult for the band
to eliminate the other submissions because we had to limit it to just 3. Part 2, perhaps?”
2020 version of “Biglaan”

From the pool of submissions, Bianca’s stripped-down version of “Biglaan” stood out the most. It
earned a spot as one of the first among the three winners of the all-covers record. “Whenever I
want to cover songs, I usually just search for the chords and let myself feel the music,” the
budding artist said. “I was pretty melancholic during these times so my general approach was to
make the song softer and downcast which is what I usually do to songs I usually sing.”
According to Bianca, the project “was such a great platform to thank the band’s fans and also
give opportunities to artists” like her.

The sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter recorded the song at Backdoor Recording Studio, and it
was produced by 6cyclemind.

Bianca’s rendition of “ Biglaan ” is now available on various music streaming/download platforms


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