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Snow White is a fairy tale story known widely across the World. I considered myself grew up loving the story. Who could forget the characters from the story? like the Evil Queen, the Prince, and the Seven Dwarfs. We and the Kids of all ages learned from this fairytale. Snow White a classic fairy tale story that we grew up continuously amuse us and teach a great lesson. The real beauty isn’t seen physically but within ourselves. I received a complimentary ticket to the world premiere of Liza Macuja-Elizalde Ballet Manila “On Pointe”- ‘Snow White’. 

Snow White is a Two Act Ballet Show:

First Act depicts the insecurities of the Queen; she always asks the Magic Mirror “who is the fairest of them all? the mirror’s answer, “Snow White” the Queen has gone mad. She ordered the Huntsman to kill Snow White but he cannot kill Snow White because of his kindness.

Snow White

Second Act tells how the seven dwarves discovered Snow White in their cottage. And how the Evil Queen turned Witch enticed the girl to bite the poisoned apple. Snow White fell on the ground when she bit the apple and become unconscious. The dwarves brought the sleeping Snow White back to the cottage and tried to wake her up. The Prince arrived along with the Deer Family, the Prince Kissed Snow White — and she woke up. The purity of his love broke the spell.

The performer of Snow White: Septemeber 7, 2019 6:00 pm

Last September 7, 2019, Ballet Manila opens their 24th Performance Season with the restaging of Snow White at Aliw Theater. The three Princess in the titular characters is Akari Ida, Joan Emery Sia, and Shaira Comeros. We watched the September 7, 6 pm show, Joan Emery Sia graced the stage as Snow White. The opening number is great Abigail Oliveiro, the Evil Queen dances in front of the mirror. The executions and timing are perfect! She and Sia project graceful in every performance.

The production from set design, to costume and music, were all stunning. The lightning added excitements to the story.

There are more performances to watch with Ballet Manila  

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