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The band was formed during the ’90s and considered one of the most loved OPM bands. They become number one on the Manila Top 40 Radio Station 99.5 RJ FM because of their demo tape song “Perfect” a combination of pop and jazz,  which brought them into the spotlight.

True Faith released albums in their continuing years. The songs popularized by the group are Perfect, Alaala, Sa Puso ko, Muntik ng Maabot ang Langit, Dahil Ikaw, Huwag Na Lang Kayaamong other big hits that lead them to their stardom. Over the years, band members may come and go but the current  members is composed of Medwin Marfil founding member and Lead Vocals, Eugene Marfil Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Macky Macaventa, Bass guitarAllan Elgar Lead guitar, Jake Lumacad Keyboards , Kaka Quisumbing Drums.

Many will agree that True Faith’s music is light and easy, be it a ballad, pop-jazz or new wave that gives relaxing feels to the listener. This iconic band also in authority when it comes to sentimental music or a romantic mood which characterized by many filipino.

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The band released an album in 2018 entitled Sen+imen+al also the band’s 10th album in the last 25 years in the music industry. The sen+imen+al album has 11 track songs includes 1. Cool Lang (on & off) 2. The Rain  3.Paano ka magiging Akin?4.Kahit na 5. Dyary t Kape 6. Isn’t It Strange, 7 With You 8. consolation for a fool 9. Ako at si Michael10.Uwian Na . 11 The Rain (Brian Cua Club) All song are written by Medwin except 4&6  Gov Robert Bobet Lee Rodriguez, 9 by MGMT!

Music Video Concept

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Uwian Na’ their latest single is a simple and catchy song that people can relate with. True Fatih wanted to do a throwback video  and came up with paying tribute to the Philippine TV entertainment during the 80’s. The video reminices the Queen of Showbiz Intrigues Inday Badiday a.k.a Ate Luds. The music video is directed by Adrian Arcega of Stereodeal. The band is very proud of him as he used face-swapping technology or the “deep faking” an artificial intelligence wherein you can edit faces onto another face.

Video Setting And Guest.

The video is set in a classic themed in a “talk show”during the 80’s with Ate Luds with the iconic stars during the 80’s like  Yayo Aguila, Rey PJ Abellana and  Ricky Davao.

Nostalgic True Faith,

The band becomes nostalgic during the video-making as they share what are the things worth remembering during those generations, something like we have only 5 network channels, the fashion style, the brand of a comedy act by the old school comedians who perfected their craft making us laugh. Medwin shared It really the fact that slept early because there’s nothing to warch at midnight, all TV Programs signs off at 12midnight, “tulog ng lahat”.

The Evolving True Faith

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True Faith is already in it’s 26th year and this new line up is working together for five years already. throuh the years their music evolved that caters to the listening public  but what makes them unique among the other OPM artist is not  only the sounds but the distincitve voice  “Tatak True Faith” of the lead vocals Medwin Marfil.

Reaching the new generations

True Faith is confident that aside from their fans who continued listening  to their music the new generations or the Millenials can appreciate and connect with that ‘UWIAN NA’ as their music are available on Spotify, apple music, youtube, and other social media platform.

New recording studio,

After the success of sen+imen+al  under Star Music. They signed up a new contract with Viva Records and now preparing demo’s for their next album.

The success of ‘UWIAN NA’ music video launch party last  Friday, October 4 at 12Monkeys  Music Hall&Pub  at El Pueblo in Ortigas proves that True Faith still in the spotlight and can put the audience excited with the performance.

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