Bioessence celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Cities Events Place, Quezon City.

Dr. Emma with the Marketing Team

Bioessence, one of the pioneers in the beauty and wellness industry celebrated its 25th anniversary. This is a momentous occasion to Bioessence employee, leaders and their loyal patrons. Celebrating their Silver Years with a hashtag #BioessenceAt25 and #BioessenceCaringBeyondBeauty. It is proof that their service is widely enjoyed here in the Philippines.

BIOESSENCE started 1994 in Davao by a renowned dermatologist and skincare specialist, Dr. Emma Beleno – Guerrero. Over the years, the name Bioessence become known in the beauty and wellness industry specializing in skin, slimming and services only for Filipinos. Bioessence has grown with 32 branches nationwide they will open branches in Ayala Mall, Manila Bay and Ayala North Exchange. A proud Mindanaoan, which is reflected in every branch of Bioessence she believes the rich heritage of Mindanao arts and culture.

Joseph Feliciano Chief Finance Officer, Joanna Feliciano
Chief Operating Officer, Dra. Emma Beleno – Founder and President. Bioessence

Their portfolio of services includes skin wellness, body wellness and spa services. They have a signature product  Premium Skin Care – Oxygen Ceuticals and Signature skincare, Acnetrol and Biolite. Apart from this product and services, with the leadership of Dr.Emma Beleno, Bioessence’s staff and personnel are all well-trained in their respective fields. They learned how to be professional in the field of skincare and wellness.

Bioessence’s Silver Anniversary have attended by some of the guest celebrities; business collaborates, media friends press and bloggers to witness a great milestone together. A night with a feel of Jazz music wearing a glamorous fashion of the classic 1920s. The event narrated the achievements and plans of Bioessence. The celebration aimed to maintain their status and standards in the business.

To learn more about Bioessence, visit their facebook  @BioessencePH   web site 

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