‘Follies de Mwah’ enthralling performance at Club Mwah!

Follies de Mwah

The fabulous and multi-awarded ‘Follies de Mwah’ is a resident performer at Club Mwah, entertaining the crowd every Friday and Saturday nights. The club is located in Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City. True to their commitment, the producer and director of Follies de Mwah contained to put their entertainment into a different level. they are not just entertaining the audience but did their part to show their love for their own craft.

Enduring the odds for the last 16 years, Club Mwah continued existence is because of their passion to give only the best for their viewers, alongside the claimed of the  Executive Producer Pocholo Carlito Malillin that Club Mwah’s not entertainment is clean fun.

Chris Nicolas

Co-Owner Chris Nicolas, is also the director, choreographer, costume designer, and main performer making sure that Follies de Mwah performs with interest to transcend their excitement for what they are doing.

Being the Club Mwah’s director, and mentor for the last 16 years, Chris Nicolas still facing the same challenge in conceptualizing the production number, how he will do the song sequence in every production number he created. Also, Chris is in charge of the costume design because of his own style and substance when it comes to fabulosity.

  1. ‘Follies de Mwah’ in Singkil Dance Number

How one becomes a Follies?

For 16 years, the follies De mwah performers have come and go in Club Mwah but Chirs carefully select his talents. Apart from the talent and looks he also requires a good attitude and discipline.

Follies de Mwah has various show engagement. If you want to experience extravagant musical shows ala Las Vegas, Broadway, and Moulin Rouge reserve a seat and visit Club Mwah! Every weekend Friday and Saturday.


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