GERALD SANTOS: reprising the lead role in the musical San Pedro Calungsod

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The Pinoy Pop Superstar grand champion returns on stage after his two-year stint in Miss Saigon tour where he played Thuy.  He also seen in the Manila production of “Sweeny Todd playing the role of Anthony Hope reprised the lead role in San Pedro Calungsod, The Musical.

The musical adaptations is about the life and death of a young missionary and the second Filipino Saint, San Pedro Calungsod returns onstage last January 24, 2020 at Cuneta Astrodome. Before Gerald’s break in the International Theater via Miss Saigon.  The Musical premiered in November 2014. It runs in key cities in the Visayas and Mindanao for two years.

Taking again the lead role of San Pedro Calungsod is Gerald’s way of giving back to the Lord for all the blessings he has received. He recalled how the show blessed him before he auditioned for Miss Saigon. “I remembered a week before the auditioned for “Miss Saigon”. We did Davao and Bicol tour for the show, wala akong boses but somehow nagkaroon ng miracle. I was able to deliver sa auditioned”. Somehow, the show blessed me, the show blessed us, my way of giving it back, which is the reason why we restaged it, Gerald added.

Vocally Challenging!

This musical gave him also the opportunity to showcase his talent as a composer. The musical consists of 14 songs and half of it are Gerald’s own works were all Disney inspired compositions. For Gerald, playing the lead role is more vocally challenging, as he was on stage all throughout the show.  Nevertheless, he amazed the audience with his vocal range. How he effortlessly able to hit notes and how much emotions he put into his songs. I guess the experienced and learnings he gained in the international scene made him decide to reinvent himself. Heidi Arima played the role of the mother of Pedro, which I also like the genuineness of her voice. Also, theater veteran Kuya Manzano reprised his role as Father Diego de San Vitores, who I first watched acted as Gen Douglas Mac Arthur in PSF’s “Sindak 1941”

Photo’s from Gerald Padua Santos Facebook
Photo’s from Gerald Padua Santos Facebook
Photo’s from Gerald Padua Santos Facebook

The Plot

The Musical is about life and death, the faith and struggles of a young Filipino missionary from the Visayas who died at the age of seventeen by defending his Faith as a Christian from the Chamorro people, native of the Islas de los Ladrones now Mariana Island.

Photo’s from Gerald Padua Santos Facebook


Photo’s from Gerald Padua Santos Facebook

Pedro was amongst the young missionary teaching catechist to accompany Spanish Jesuit missionaries led by Father Diego de San Vitores.  Working as a missionary was difficult but because of perseverance, significant numbers of the Chamorros were baptized into faith.

Defending his faith leads him to religious persecution together with Father San Vitores in 1672. The village’s chief Mata’pang and a pagan named Hirao violently killed Father Diego and Pedro. Their bodies dumped into the water of Tumon Bay, large stones tied to the feet.

Photo’s from Gerald Padua Santos Facebook
The second Filipino Saint.

The Vatican acknowledged his martyrdom to the Catholic Faith; he was beatified by Pope John Paul II at Saint Peter’s Square in Rome on March 5, 2000. His canonization as Saint was based on the major miracle happened to a woman who was pronounced dead for two hours after heart attacks and woke up without physical impairment whatsoever through a prayer uttered by a hopeless doctor to Blessed Pedro Calungsod.

The Creative Team

The musical is produced by Prinstar Music Philippines. The libretto in English of “San Pedro Calungsod,” the musical, is written by Antonino Rommel Ramilo, who also the director. He and Santos collaborated in writing the music. For this production, they invited TJ Ramos as vocal coach and music supervisor.  Peggy Rico Solis (Production Manager), Jun Pablo (Set Designer), Alpauline Grace Pena (Stage Manager), Catherine Faith Binas (Assistant Stage Manager), Luis Galang (Technical Director, Lighting Designer), Morris Philip Mercado (Sound Engineer), and Catherine Faith Binas (Choreographer).

The Cast and Ensemble

The cast is Vince Layson Vicentuan as Choco, Heidi Arima as the mother of Pedro, Hutch Perales as Matapang, and Jhay R. Baccol as Hirao. Playing young missionaries are Jude Matthew Servilla, Josh Ocampo, Juris Ocampo and Vince Conrad.

The ensemble is Jessa Padilla, Marion Dizon, Jonna Sibonga, Renren Tiongson, Christine Wico Laforteza, and Jerome Ferguson.

San Pedro Calungsod, The Musical is a must-watch by the young people of today. The musical is about the life of Pedro whose love and faith to God inspired him to teach the catholic faith. The show can draw encouragement and strength to today’s young generation.




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