Kiel Alo in his “Ako Naman” Birthday concert convinced us that his moment has come

November 6, 2019, The spotlight was with The “Hugot King” celebrating his Birthday with a first major concert tagged as ”Ako Naman” at Music Museum. Along with the patrons and fans of Kiel Alo are the Aficionado Brand owner Joel Cruz, the veterans of Philippine Cinema Daisy Romualdez and Anabelle Rama showing their support for Mr. Jobert Sucaldiito’s new balladeer and rising star.

“I am breathing at the moment.”

While it is true that Kiel’s voice sounds theatrical but that night was exceptional as we experienced the other side of him as a singer. He woos us with his renditions of carefully selected songs. His opening song is a Jordin Spark and Beyonce medley, as he interpreted “This is my Now” and “Listen” respectively. A good song choice because it connects with the title of the concert ”Ako Naman”. That very moment he sees those people showed their love by watching and listening to him during the entire show.

His equally talented singers LA Santos, Kyle and, Carlo Mendoza sang and performed well in their solo number. And then sang with him with an OPM Classic like El Bimbo, Kisapmata, Narda, at Salamat ng The Dawn.

He showed us that he can be desirable as he performed Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Senorita” together with Aira Bermudez. And another surprised when. He came out topless at center stage among with the male dancer doing ala Magic Mike.

Another treat with the audience is Orville Tonido brought his brand of comedy that makes the audience wild with his funny interpretation of Dahan Dahan and Listen to a popular wafer brand Nissin.

He got Support from the Veterans,

Singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen with the Golden Voice of Mr Jun Polistico.
Jun Polistico
Jun Polistico

Even there are uncontrollable events during the show; we did not feel any frustration with Kiel proving that whatever happens “the show must go on”.  The audience was thrilled when Jun Polistico came out as Kiel’s guest.  Kiel and Mr Jun Polisitico give the audience with their soulful rendition of Halleluja by Leonard Cohen. Kiel’s raw voice blends well with the Golden Voice of Mr Jun Polistico. 

His last special guest, is Ms Eva Eugenio, one of the “Jukebox Queens” of Philippine Music. The audience was thrilled with how they exchange remarks to each other in a good-humoured. It’s still a great performance for Ms Eva and her funny act to get the attention of the viewers. Before she leaves the stage she sang her signature song “Tukso” 

Before the show ends, Kiel sang his solo digital single with the title “Aasa Ka Ba?” composed by no less than Vehnee Saturno. His finale song is Survivor’s The Search is Over which I guess have a meaning with Kiel’s career as a new generation balladeer. He then thanked all the people who supported him throughout form the beginning up to the present.  

To KIEL, as you performed in your first major concert many of us mesmerized by your talent and you showed your confidence to deliver all those wonderful melodies to us, your audience. May you continue to shine to become one of the finest balladeer-singer of your generations. I know you’ve heard messages like this many times but still, Just be yourself and continue to uplift the soul of your listener with your music. This is just the beginning of greater songs and more performances to come.

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