KIEL ALO’s First major Concert

MARC KIEL ALO is a budding singer-artist known as the Hugot KING of this new generation. KIEL is a balladeer ready to preset his inimitable style of singing.

My first time to see him is when we watch the production of Noli Me Tangere’s Kanser, where he is in the titular character under Gantimpala Theater. I learned from Sir Robert Silverio that it is Kiel’s first time in the theatre world. But amazingly he did it well he sounds very Theatrical and has this powerful voice. My curiosity in my mind brought me to listen and watch some of his videos. I like his low tone rendition of Garry V. WARRIOR IS A CHILD and you will feel the sincerity every time he sings.

It’s about time the Hugot King to shine and give him the spotlight as he inviting all of us to watch him in his Birthday Concert ‘AKO NAMAN’ this Wednesday, November 6, 2019; 9 PM at the Music Museum with Special  Guest Mr JANNO GIBBS AND MORISSETTE AMON.

Joining Kiel in his major concert: LA Santos, Carlo Mendoza, Orville, MK University Models, and the Holograms. And With special participation of Jun Polistico and Eva Eugenio.

The “Ako Naman” (a Hugot King Birthday Concert)  is made possible by Front Desk Entertainment Production of Mr Joebert SUCALDITO and under the Musical Direction of Mr Butch Miraflor.

For Tickets call 721-6726, Music Museum.

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