Rebyu….mga pelikulang napanuod ko nuong Semana Santa

200px-ten_thousand_b_c.jpg10000 B.C.

Pangalawang beses ko napanuod ang pelikulang ito na me pag kakahawig ang plot sa Apocalypto ni Mel Gibson. I watched the movie kasi mas gusto ko ang ganitong movie genre

Nag umpisa ang story ng 10,000 B.C. in the snowy, mountainous homelands of a tribe of hunter-gatherers na namumuhay sa pag hunting ng mga wooly mammoths who range through their valley every year. The tribe’s shaman, Old Mother, has a prophecy foretelling the end of the tribe in the near future, but also sees that the lover of the blue-eyed girl Evolet will save them. Watching from afar is D’Leh, whose father is leaving his son to go beyond the mountains to look for a future home for the tribe. In time, Evolet and D’Leh grow up, and D’Leh takes part in the annual mammoth hunt; he seizes glory and claims Evolet as his own, but that night the “Four-Legged Demons” — horseback-riding slavers from afar — ravage the village, killing and capturing many … including Evolet. This aggression, for D’Leh, will not stand, so he and great hunter Tic’tic go in pursuit, across the mountains, to the lands from which none have ever returned.

Walang masyadong ipinakitang excitement sa Pelikula ito. Medyo na gandahan lang ako dun sa stampede ng mag mammoths.

Tanging Yaman ni Direk Laurice Guillen, the movie is contemporary Filipino Version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Separated by distance both physical and emotional, siblings Danny (Johnny Delgado), Art (Edu Manzano) and Grace (Dina Bonnevie) come together to settle a land dispute while their mother Dolores “Loleng” Rosales (Gloria Romero) succumbs to debilitating disease. Old resentments begin to surface, spilling over to the next generation, as they cope with Loleng’s sickness and the tract of land left to them by their deceased father. Will a Mother’s love and self-offering heal the wounds of the past or tear them farther apart?

Try to see this film and discover for yourself what treasures lie buried in your own life and family.


Ito ang isang movie na di ko pinag sasawaan na panuorin. Seven times ko na ata napanuod ang movie na ito.

Braveheart is a tumultuous tapestry of history comes alive. Mel Gibson stars both actor and director producer of this brawling saga of fierce combat, tender love and risk all for FREEDOM. William Wallace (Gibson), a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his intellect to rally hi countryman to liberation.

The battle scenes are extraordinary, yet brutal and repugnant. Those who enjoy gore just might enjoy this film. This lengthy epic, acted and directed by Mel Gibson, is a good movie.

Agila 1980

This is the first time na mapanuod ko ANG FPJ movie na ito Directed by Eddie Romero the movie begins when the influential and affluent Aguila family celebrates the 88th birthday of their missing Partriarch, Daniel Aguila. It truly a celebration, when Jose Mari receives a news that Daniel is still alive living somewhere in the provinces. Jose Mari played by De Leon, a business tycoon and a former senator, combs the countryside in search for his father.

Mari’s journey ends when he finds Daniel in an Aeta Village, where Daniel has found serenity far from the maddening machinations and injustice committed by civilized society. In the course of his search, the Aguila family story us unraveled for the period of 80years, it covers the Philippines Revolution, the American Occupation, the Japaneze era and the Post war reconstruction and the militant students activitst of the late 1960’s to early 1970’s

Nakakaloka na ito masakit na mata ko sa kapapanuod ng mga pelikulang ito…. Nung Easter Sunday Ice Age 1 at Princess and The Pauper naman ang pinanuod ko….

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