The captivating Follies de Mwah at Club Mwah!

Follies de Mwah

Follies de Mwah continue to captivate the audience to some of Las Vegas-inspired show. Performing live every weekend nights for the past 17 years. These new batches of “Pinoy Drag” entertainer continue to give us a clean and fun entertainment.   Club Mwah continues to enjoy a diverse clientele such as notable Personalities and even visited by the Royal Prince. It is also the home for some of our “balikbayans” who wanted to watch good entertainments. Last February 2020 they received the Outstanding Musical Concept review in L.E.A.F Awards.

a very passionate and creative genius, Cris Nicolas.

You will enjoy a two hours show of dazzling costume, lip-synched acts, outstanding choreography created and conceptualize by Creative Director Cris Nicolas.  A new set of production numbers and excellent choreography expected this year along with their newest comedy bar Comico Bar, with a promise of a new brand in comedy clubs and refined stand-up comedians providing people with a good comedy act on the highest level targeting the high-end class of clientele. Aside from this comedy act, Comico Bar will feature  “music icon”.

Book and reserve a ticket at Ticket2Me! or check their FB accounts for more updates  Aside from their weekend night’s show, they are accepting outside performances nationwide.

CLUB MWAH is located in the City of Mandaluyong with address at 3rd Floor, The Venue Tower, 652 Boni Ave.  FOR RESERVATION CALL UP CLUB MWAH HOTLINE NUMBERS landline (8535 7943) or mobile Smart # 0908-173-0109 every weekend Friday and Saturday.



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